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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 23, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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break in, because breaking news changes everything at fox news channel. real breaking news, not the kind of news that you put on the screen and it stays there all day. your world with neil cavuto is next. cattle in nevada. is the government now trying to mess with texas? rick perry, here, now. welcome, everyone. i'm stuart varny in for neil cavuto. the spotlight on another potential lab grab in northern texas. at issue, reports that the bureau of land management may be preparing to claim 90,000 acres along the red river between texas and oklahoma as public
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domain. the texas attorney general daring the feds to come in and take it. first on fox, the state's republican governor on this fed fight rick perry with us now. governor, welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> sounds like a dare from the attorney general, come and get it. that's a challenge, isn't it? >> greg abbott is a very powerful and thoughtful attorney general who is obviously going to be the next governor of the state of texas. he is on the right side of this issue, not just for the people of the state of texas, he's on the right side of this issue from a private property right stand point. i don't think americans want to see another one of these exhibitions from the federal government from them coming in with armed troops over an issue that ought to be taken care of with common sense. >> do you approve of that kind of language, come and get it? it is a dare. it is a flat-out texas challenge. >> it's not a dare, it's a
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promise that we're going to stand up for private property rights in the state of texas. i don't have a problem in the world with attorney general abbott's words here. the key on this from my standpoint is the federal government already owns too much land. we ought to be having a conversation in this country about how can the federal government divest itself of a huge amount of this land holdings it has across the country rather than looking for ways to come in and take over private property that's been in the people's land -- >> it is private property? >> from my perspective it is. >> the bureau of land management says this is the public domain and has been since the mid 1980s. >> then the government will say mexico used to open the state of texas, so let's have a conversation about where the rightful ownership of this is. we go back with the native americans and have -- are we going to relitigate every piece of private property we have in this country because we have a
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federal government that's out of control? >> how do you view the statement of senator harry reid? he described the people who are standing up to the feds coming in, he described hem as domestic terrorists. just for one moment, i would like to roll that piece of tape to everybody can hear it again. >> these people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. they're nothing more than domestic terrorists. >> not patriots, domestic terrorists. strong language, your response? >> it is. i would suggest that senator reid spend a little more time in nevada and get out of washington, d.c. and visit with those people that he's disparaging. i think that's very unfortunate language, and frankly, not something that you would want a leader in america saying about the citizens of this country. >> do you have a problem with guys with guns, getting together and opposing federal force? >> well, here's the bigger
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issue. i have a problem with the federal government putting citizens in the position of having to feel like they have to use force to deal with their own government. that's the bigger issue. that's the reason i think that the bureau of land management needs to be careful about coming to whether it's nevada or texas or oklahoma or whatever state it might be, and acting like private property is something that they control and that they are going to be able to make the decision about who this belongs to. we're a rule of law country. private property is at the base of it. unless the federal government respects that, then i'll suggest to you that they are the ones that are instigating the opportunity for misfortune to happen. >> led me read to you this statement from the bureau of land management. the blm is categorically not
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expanding federal holdings along the red river. they directly contest the view that it's private property. >> yeah. well, i think we have an administration that acts imperialistically. and i've seen it too many times out of this president, this administration, and i think we're seeing an extension of that in blm. >> welcome to new york, governor. i hear that you are here to challenge governor cuomo, governor of new york, and you are challenging him on the basis of your taxes are too high, you're killing the economy of new york. bring those jobs down to texas. that's what you're here for, isn't it, a direct challenge? >> i'm here to give people the opportunity to relocate or expand their business. >> what response have you gotten so far? >> not much from the governor, but good response from business people. i don't make any apologies that i'm a competitive governor and i
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come in to california or illinois, just as bobby jindle and rick scott come into texas and say we would like you to look at louisiana. there's a host of others. what nikki haley does, those are governors that get it about tax regulatory policies and making your state be competitive. i think our founding fathers knew what they were talking about when they discussed that 10th amendment and said the federal government is supposed to do a few things, which says to me let's compete against each other. who has the best tax policy, who has the best regulatory climate? who has the best legal system for the people of your state. then people will move and go to where they want to go. if that's the test, more people have migrated out of new york and california over the last decade than any two states to go to places where they can find
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some relief. >> you are a missionary on jobs and taxes in the state of new york. what about the issue of fracking? fracking is alive and well in texas, but it's on hold in new york. do you think you can convince new york's governor, the state legislature, do you think you can convince them to get out there and frac for what's under the ground there? >> it is a safe practice. all of the science shows that it is a safe practice. if you care about your citizens, the southern part of new york, it's almost appalachian in places. the poverty that's there, and the jobs that could be created are a fascinating amount of jobs. there are young hispanics in south texas that didn't have a job, today making $100,000 driving a truck in that eagle formation because the state of texas has decided to produce the
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resources that god's put under the land in texas and we have created an extraordinary amount of wealth, not just for the oil companies and not just for the states. >> you're a missionary on taxes, jobs and fracs. how about immigration? i want to run a brief sound bite from jeb bush and get your take on it. >> they cross the border because they have no other means to work, to be able to provide for their family. yes, they broke the law. but it's not a felony. it's an act of love. it's an act of commitment to your family. >> just concentrate on that one expression, it's an act of love. what's your response to that? that one expression? >> well, i think this is a conversation that has been going on for lots of years. i think there's been a lot of heated rhetoric on both sides. hopefully common sense will come into play here, as we see what's actually happening and it's on the energy side of things. i think the bigger issue for us
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as we go forward is the immigration issue may be one that's fixing to change in a big way, because mexico is about to liberalize their energy policies. >> is it an act of love when someone comes across that border to feed their family? >> for 40 years, we've sent the message that, come on over, it's okay, don't worry about breaking the law. then the rules get changed, and we have drug cartels. >> so you have some sympathy to jeb bush's position? >> i totally understand about people breaking a law to take care of their family. particularly when the country whose law you're breaking has for 40 years said come on over, don't worry about it. we have to stand up and truthfully say that was the message all too often through
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the '60s, '70s, '80s, even the '90s, that's the message we sent, come on over here, we need your work. then in the 2000s, it was like wait a minute, we have drug cartels, people that want to do terrible things to america in the form of terrorists. and now we're going to ship everybody back to where they're from. >> i have to ask the question which everybody asks you, so i'll phrase it in a different way, have you thought seriously about running again for the presidency? >> absolutely. i've given it serious consideration. it is an option that in 2015 we'll make. >> governor, thanks for joining us. >> absolutely. >> dishonest ads in politics are nothing new, but one from this democrat is being called an act of desperation. we'll play the tape and you will decide. later, calling republicans racist. this college professor's rant is going viral. we have the student who recorded every word. but how many others are out there getting away with it?
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it is getting ugly in north carolina. incumbent senate democrat kay hagan is in the fight of her life, and her latest ad is stirring up a lottest ntroversy. >> politicians, these days you've got to watch them close, real close. here's republican senate candidate tom tillis describing obamacare. >> it's a great idea. >> that's right, tom tillis described obamacare a great idea.
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that was just this february. you can look it up. >> well, we did look it up, and here's what tom tillis really said. >> the majority of the stuff that is in obamacare is bad because it's not fiscally sustainable. it's a great idea that can't be paid for. >> mary catherine ham says democrats are getting desperate. we reached out to the senator and did not hear back. mr. laser, that sounds like desperation. if you've got to edit someone's statement right down so narrowly that you pervert what they really said, that, sir, is desperation. and you say? >> i think she went up to the line but what she did is in balance. i've had many debates with republicans on obamacare. i've never had any of them say it's a great idea. the fact that he said that is big news. quite frankly, the fact that he used the financial aspect,
1:16 pm
obamacare is paid for. it is paid for in ways that some republicans may not like. we cut payments on medicare and things like that, but it's paid for so much that it's reducing the deficit by $200 billion. if you take that out of it, he likes obamacare. >> we are referring to the editing process here, okay? mary catherine? >> let's go over the basics. it's been called mostly false and clinging to that by a thread of the abyss of pants on fire. if it's news, then run the whole clip and be done with it. i think what's telling about this clip is what kay hagan is doing, who was a decisive vote f obamacare and has been running from it since, she's actually trying to slime a republican with support for obamacare while democrats are telling us, this is a political winner for them. i think it belies the fact that
1:17 pm
this is not a political winner for them and if you look at the polling that's the case. >> you don't think that editing process, you don't think that works? >> i think what they're trying to get across, they allege it's about hypocrisy. what they're trying to communicate is he supported this gross, terrible thing you guys don't like too, which tells me that obamacare is not working for them. that's why hagen wants to project this. i'm not sure people buy it. >> steve, the core issue here is the problem that democrats clearly have with obamacare. you can run but you really can't get away from it, can you? >> the reality is, the last polls look fairly favorable. if you look at the polls from three months ago --
1:18 pm
>> democrats were -- >> if i was a democrat, i would run on obamacare. when you look at the provisions, 65% of the republicans are in favor of them. >> people are in favor of the three things people like about obamacare and the whole part where they throw the system into disarray to rewrite the whole thing is bad. if you look at the most recent poll reporting on this, 2-1 people who think the law is important to their vote disapprove of it. that's where you're going to run into problems. as to paying for obamacare, the cbo has occasionally disagreed with steve. so eventually you're going to run into a situation where it's not paid for, not even on paper. >> with tight and clever editing, you can probably make
1:19 pm
me sound like a communist. putting the pressure on putin. the u.s. sending troops to eastern europe. but is that enough to get vlade worrying? those litt things still get you.
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well, the story is in the numbers, facebook's profits just in, they made a profit of over $600 billion. that stock is now up 2.5%. facebook on the run. is the u.s. trying to send russia a message? u.s. troops are arriving in poland for military exercises. jennifer griffin has the latest. >> reporter: roughly 150 u.s. paratroopers arrived in poland
1:23 pm
this morning and began exercises with nato allied poland earlier today. another 450 u.s. paratroopers are being sent to estonia, latvia and lithuania on the border with russia to send a signal that the u.s. draws the line at its nato allies. russia's foreign minister taunted the u.s. accusing it of stirring up trouble in ukraine. >> so i don't have any reasons not to believe that the americans are running the show in a very close way. >> i think many of the claims he made in his interview are ludicrous and they're not based in fact of what is happening on the ground. >> reporter: the u.s. had already deployed f-15 and f-16 fighter jets. no u.s. troops are being deployed to ukraine proper. >> any interim president came to this country and asked for weapons to help defend this country and the munitions to
1:24 pm
support him and we denied him that request. that was absolutely a terrible decision on our part. >> reporter: meanwhile, the russians show no sign of pulling their 40,000 troops back from ukraine's borders. the pentagon has said that the 600 u.s. troops being sent to poland and the baltics will remain until the end of the year. >> thanks, jennifer. >> will this move have putin shaking in his boots. commander j.d. gordon, welcome to the program. sir, when america moves troops, 600 of them, to the border of your rival, the border of an aggressor, isn't that sending a stronger signal, a stronger message than any message we've sent in the past? >> well, it's a small step in the right direction, but the operative word is small. i don't think putin is going to care much about 600 u.s. troops when he has 40,000 troops on the border. so if president obama wanted to send his attention, he would conduct major air, naval and
1:25 pm
ground exercises with our nato alleys. he should cancel the star treaty. and we have to help with energy. if we were able to export liquid gas, we could reduce putin's impact on being able to bully his neighbors. >> do you think america is in the mood for a military face-to-face, not a military shooting match confrontation, but troops face to face, do you think america is in the mood for that? >> no, i don't think they are. but that doesn't mean we can't be strong. we should be sending a lot more troops to the baltic states, to estonia, latvia, poland. just 600 troops is not going to send a message that putin needs to change his ways. we have to look at other important facts. first is defense budgets. the white house and congress
1:26 pm
have put upon the united states $1 trillion in defense cuts. that's going to hollow this military out. we're not going to be able to defend this country. and russia has increased its defense budgets by 40% since 2007. russia has a tremendous amount of demographic challenges right now. 20 years ago, russia was 148 million people. today it's 143 million. in the south, the muslim areas, that's 20% of the country. but under current trends, russia should be a muslim majority country by 2050. that's why putin is trimming around the edges to get these russian speakers back into the fold in places like georgia and ukraine. >> commander, we do hear you. thanks for joining us. after the ranting, one college professor apologizing. is this kind of bias widespread or just a bunch of b.s.?
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1:31 pm
is this kind of bias happening in countries across the country? jason, first, if i may, you were in that class, you recorded it. i want to know what was the
1:32 pm
reaction of the other people in that room, the other students? >> well, he was going on this anti-republican rant, if you will, the reaction of the other students, i was looking around while he was talking about this. from what i gather, there was really no reaction from any of the other students. they were just sitting there, taking notes, listening to what the professor had to say. there was no outrage other than what i did. >> okay. do you think that this kind of statement, this kind of bias, this was particularly blatant, jason, but do you have any reason to believe it's common across the country? >> absolutely 100% yes, i do. growing up through middle school, high school, my freshman year of college, i have countless examples of this going on. i think this is a big problem and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. >> james lewis, a lot of people are telling me, look, this is fairly common. there is a liberal bias in the classroom of colleges in the united states. will you deny that? >> i would say that a bias on either direction.
1:33 pm
i've had conservative professors that have really challenged me and made me convinced that what i believe is what i believe. but i've had liberal professors i disagreed with. at the end of the day, you're seeing college as a place for big ideas and that opportunity to change ideas with adults. college students are adults. they are expected to understand the world around them -- >> james, i take your point. but the question is, is this kind of leftist bias common across the country? >> i don't think that's -- >> ashley, what's your answer? >> i agree that 100% this is happening across the country in college campuses nationwide. when you have this whole movement for political correctness, it's only intensifying the need for this liberal culture to come out and show their intolerance. this is what's happening with professors. students are being sent away for conservative values. >> should he be fired?
1:34 pm
>> yes. here's the thing, the university came out with a statement and said these things can happen in the classroom because teachers can say what they want. that is absolutely ridiculous. we support free speech and students who believe in their conservative beliefs, and everyone is entitled to their free speech. but for a professor to make those statements and say that conservatives are racist, that was out of line. >> jason, how did you know to record -- are you with a conservative group and that's why you recorded this specifically? >> i didn't record it because i'm affiliated with any specific group. i was listening to what he had to say. it started with a poem. the poem was centered around the idea of racial inequality. that turned to a more political conversation on social justice. i didn't record this necessarily for any organization or anything like that or something i'm affiliated with. i just felt the need that it should be -- i felt like it
1:35 pm
should be documented. i felt very bullied, like i was a victim for believing what i believe. >> do you think he should be fired? >> i think action should be taken to make sure something like this never, ever happens again. the school needs to put measures in place that ensure teachers can't get away with this anymore. this is a huge, huge problem. >> james lewis, if a professor is an ardent conservative and makes blatant, pro conservative comments in the classroom, should he or she be fired? >> no, as long as they have evidence to back it up and it's done -- >> it's opinion, james. this is not a factual based argument. this is opinion. >> as long as it's designed in a way that expands the student's mind. professor terry is a creative writing professor. he was talking about a poem that discusses social injustice in america. it's likely that poem is designed to invoke those feelings. that's the type of person you want talking to young people.
1:36 pm
the type of person that says, whatever you believe, go out there and fight for it. >> ashley? >> i can't believe that you would make that statement seeing as he came out and said that conservatives are racist. where is that rooted in fact? i would like to know the answer to that question. for you to make that statement is absurd. >> i'm not defending his statements on racist, i'm just saying you want those type of passionate individuals. when they're talking about as subject as subjective as art, those are the people that should be leading the discussion. >> jason? >> i want to say really quick, this was not connected to the poem at all. this idea that he was trying to start a conversation in the class. you have this guy who is a creative writing professor saying if the republicans win the senate in november, colleges will start closing down. that has nothing to do with creative writing. it's an example of liberal
1:37 pm
indoctrination. >> ashley, surely this is an absolute question about free speech. is that professor free to say what he said in that classroom? >> when it comes to that, i think that's where it gets tricky. you definitely have the right to free speech, yes. but as a professor, that is ludicrous, in a creative writing class to say those comments. >> free speech issue, yes or no? >> i'm a firm believer in the constitution. i believe in the freedom of speech. but there has to be a line. the line has to be drawn somewhere. these professors just can't come in and say whatever they want. there has to be limits. these students are a captive audience. >> we thank you very much for being with us. do you think political bias is widespread at colleges?
1:38 pm
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just moments ago, apple came out with far stronger than expected profits. they learned $11.62 a share, way above what was expected. they brought in $45 billion in 13 weeks, way more than expected. apple sold 44 million iphones, 16 million ipads.
1:42 pm
they increased their stock buyback to $90 billion. and guess what? the stock is up just a fraction in after hours trading. go figure. not getting anything for your money at the bank? you're not alone. a new study shows the fed and its policy's low interest rate cost savers $758. charlie gasperino says that is a scandal. how does it work? >> the fed fund rate at zero, here's the problem, why is the fed doing this? because it doesn't want you to keep the money in the bank but wants you to buy stocks. but think of that. it's telling people to take risks. this is where it becomes insidious. particularly now. there was a reason to inflate the economy through monetary policy. now we're five years into it. we're penalizing people that are
1:43 pm
afraid to take enormous risks. >> if i go to a bank and buy a bank cd, there's no risk in that. but i get virtually no interest of it because of the federal reserve giving rates at an all-time low. so they're pushing me to the stock market. >> there is some risk, because it come covers $250,000. but for most people it's no risk. but it's money market funds. suppose you just don't want to speculate on dow 17,000. you think it's way overdone, the market is going to crash at some point, which it will, it will go down at some point. and you just want to put your money in a market fund or buy a five-year bond -- >> wait a second. there is always a relationship between the risk you take and the reward you get. there's very little risk in a bank cd, you don't expect much reward. >> suppose you want to save rather than roll the dice.
1:44 pm
when you keep interest rates this low, what did it do in 2004, 2005, 2006? it caused banks to create products that blew up the financial systems. because interest rates are so low, not even stocks will raise high enough when it's at 17,000. you have to create other things. my point is, listen, it was great to keep the rates low, print money in the early days of the financial crisis. but now we are hurting people that are afraid not to take risk that just want to put a little money aside. >> put rates up a little bit and give me 2%, 3% on my relatively money. >> what's wrong with that? >> the stock market will come down. >> the reason they keep it up is it's the only thing president obama has going for him. >> charlie, thank you. so much for spring buying. new home sales took a nosedive, down 14.5% in march, to the
1:45 pm
lowest level since the middle of last year. to real estate maven danni babb. welcome to the program. seems to me there's a problem with getting a loan. youngsters can't get loans. >> absolutely. we have weaker numbers for a lot of reasons, but rising prices is one of them. title qualification standards are certainly playing a role here. credit card debt, student loan debt, economic uncertainty and some young people just want the flexibility to move where the jobs are. >> let me focus on prices. the median price of these new homes went up to $290,000. i think that's a record high. so you've got prices way up, loans difficult to get. people strapped with sometimes student loan debt. that's a bad mix. is the housing rally over?
1:46 pm
>> i think we're going to see a flat year, maybe a dip by the end of the year. it's tough to tell what interest rates are going to do, but if they stay at 4.25 and a $490,000 median home price, that with the down payment you have to have, and income to debt ratio of 33%, people with graduate degrees are hit double also by student loan debt and repayment. >> give me a comparison, from back in my day, many years ago, you had to have 20% down, you had to have proof of a good job with solid income. and you had to -- back in my day, a credit score didn't count. but these days you have to have a good credit score. how does that situation as a
1:47 pm
borrower for a mortgage compare to today's situation, trying to borrow for a mortgage? >> it's relatively similar, with the exception of fhha backed loans. but most loans are 20% down, you just have to have more in savings in bank to qualify. and banks are scrutinizing borrowers a lot more. >> how do you get that 20% down if you have to save it yourself and have a student loan of $100,000. danni babb, thank you very much indeed. do you think too many americans are on food stamps? some school officials in chicago reportedly do not. ♪ abe! get in!
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i've got new information for you on apple and its financial situation. the company now says it's going to split its stock 7 for 1. that didit. investors love that. the stock is now up 8% in after hours trading. every parent has gotten a robo call for early dismissals, report card reminders, but a robo call for food stamps. >> currently there are 68,000 children in the chicago public schools that are not enrolled in free or low cost health insurance and snap, also known as food stamps, your child may be one of them. to find out more about your eligibility, and call the family and children benefits line. >> how did you get the tape? when we called the schools and
1:52 pm
the administrators, we couldn't get it. how did you get it? >> i was able to get it from a concerned parent. >> so this is robo calls going out there, saying, hey, check your eligibility, we want to get food stamps into your hand. now, did everybody in chicago get this or was it select areas? how has it worked out? >> my understanding based open my conversation with the representative, was at this point that supposedly went out to most parents of chicago public school children, but they also have the ability to target specific families who might be eligible for the program. so they have all that information. they also have the information of people who are already enrolled and whose benefits are about to expire.
1:53 pm
so they are able to get -- send out robo calls to people whose benefits might be expiring. >> it was flat-out a pitch. >> that was my understanding of it based on my conversation with this family benefits employee, yes. >> interesting story. let's get to charles payne who says we should be focusing on how to help people get to the of food stamps. i've heard this from you before. >> it's heart breaking. that's a campaign. that's what it is. it's a campaign. you send this out to a million people and later on someone will say we're always looking for you. poor people know how to get food stamps. let's get that straight. they know how. i did like when i read about this, so far of the 68,000 that don't have it only 175 people have called for the assistance.
1:54 pm
listen, what happened to the notion of the school's primary focus being on how -- woe is me. how about let's get you in a position so you don't need food stamps? chicago has one of the worse schools in the world. number one is the school of leadership in chicago, 21% of 8th graders in chicago can read proficiently. >> i want to make two points. number one, that's buying votes. >> yeah, it is. >> and number two, it's keeping people in a situation of -- it's a trap. you are kept down there, we'll give you this, stay where you are. you are not motivated to go up the food chain. >> you do this because you are entitled to this. it's your check. go to that mailbox and look for
1:55 pm
your check. >> when is it going to change? >> you know what? i don't know. i hope it changes soon because after years of watching this, we've seen the effects of it. we've seen the cycles of poverty, cradle to grave. getting out of this trap is tough. i know a lot of people who have never been in it think a lot of people choose to be poor, but if this is how you live when you are poor, you can't find your way out. like i was telling you, you are told automatically, everyone knows where to go to get the free stuff. you don't need to promote that. there's an ulterior motive for these phone calls. i watched my father get dressed for work, polish his boots, shine up his brass belt.
1:56 pm
i watched that. i watched hip shave in the morning. that hit me enough that all the negative stuff that keeps you in poverty, i was eventually escaped it. >> you eventually ended in the air force in south dakota? >> yes. how widespread is liberal bias at our schools? you tweet. we read it, next. ready for action?
1:57 pm
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forget hot for teacher. that professor at eastern connecticut state university. if you put your opinion out there in classrooms, you must put the opposing view out there too. vincent defends the professor. a college professor is a peer not an authority figure like a teacher in high school. a peer can say what they like. gina reacts this way.
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absolutely there is liberal boois in colleges. i have 3 kids at 3 different universities and they all complain to me about it. >> p don't for get you can catch me, my show varney and company. "the five" is next. hello, i'm eric bolling, along with dana perino, bob beckle, and greg gutfeld, and andrea tantaros, and this is "the five "the five." are you ready for your blood to boil? we the taxpayer handed $178 million in bonuses to these thugs last year. that's outrageous enough. couldn't get any worse, right? wrong. a whopping 2.8 million of those dollars were handed over to irs employees cited for offenses like drug use, making violent threats, fraudulent unemployment benefits claims and


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